Whats the least you want to take on this?Thanks I want you to get back to me with more picture and is there any other issues with it not mentioned? your asking price is quite reasonable and affordable considering others I’ve seen lately, I’ll take it, so I agree with the price.I will be paying through PayPal and I have my freighters/mover agent that will come for the pick up after payments has been made. I’ll also want you to take off advertisement to be sure you are selling it to me. Due to work I won’t be able to call you and inspect it, because I am busy, but I am much please with the description of the merchandise and I believe I can trust you with that. Kindly send me your PayPal email address and your name including your phone# or send me money request so i can pay you right away also PayPal charges is on me, I insisted on PayPal because I don’t have access to my bank account online but i have it attached to my paypal account as I don’t have internet banking. Thanks for your swiftly mail,PayPal procedures It does not take any for the money to go through that is the reason why PayPal is the only payment option is because it is safe and secure and as soon as i make the payment for it,you will be sent a notification for the payment receipt in this your email ….that is if you use this your email address to set up the paypal account and i have a mover that will come over for the pick up and the pick up representatives only comes up when we have finish the deal so don’t worry i will be the one to take care of the pick up expenses ok. i will be glad if you can log on to and set up your account and send me email use to set up and i will suggest you make use of this your email address so when i make the payment you will be notify of the receipt from PayPal instantly.i look to read from you soon.

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  1. I’ve reported her as spam to craigslist and even blocked her email and she’s still able to send. She keeps insisting that I set up a paypal account using the link she keeps sending in every email. Amanda Nelson is the one she’s using now. This email address has been reported too.

  2. Got one from Felicia Hoffman and then Amanda Nelson for something I am selling. She used Initial contact was November 20 but she continued contact up until today. The messages were just too fishy for me so I started googling and found these postings. Thanks for taking the time to warn us!

  3. Here is another one I got for the same item. This solicitation came from

    Judith Marino
    12/3/12 at 12:39 PM


    Thank you for getting back to me. Can you assure me that it’s in good state and that i will not be disappointed with it.I’m ready to pay your asking price and i will also add an extra $200 to seal the transaction..To be honest i wanted to buy this for my Dad, but the issue is i am an oceanographer and i do have a contract to go for which starts tomorrow and am leaving any moment from now.The contract is strictly no call due to the lack of reception on the sea area. But I’m able to access email anytime as we will make use of laptop so my only quickest payment option is PayPal as i can send money via PayPal anytime.Since I’m requesting this transaction to be done via PayPal, i will be responsible for all the paypal fee/charges on this transaction and if you don’t have an account with paypal, its pretty easy, safe and secured to open one.Just log on to I hope we can make the purchase as fast as possible? I have a mover that will come for it once payment clears and they will take care of very necessary paper for me. So i look forward to hear from you soon. will like to see more pics.

    I need the address where the agent will meet you and your PayPal email
    address so i can send the money now.”


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