Email Subject – I want to secure the rental with payment!!

So nice to hear from you again,Thanks for the introductory response,I understand it’s kind of tedious getting a reliable roommate/renter so I sincerely appreciate your consideration for me. I’m quite comfortable with all the terms you mentioned,I’ll be flying in via Delta airlines ,Should I provide my flight itineraries so you can organize via your busy schedule to pick me from the airport?I know we can work all this out together.Communication is much more easier when we can keep in touch together promptly. To assure you that I’m as good of a lady as email will allow one to portray, I’d offer my willingness to assist you with any information you may need as regards to me.I am actually a coffee drinker addict:),I hope you enjoy also.I forwarded our email conversations to my Uncle he seems okay with you ,When you confirm you’ll be renting to me,he agreed to make total payment for the rent (First month) as deposit including clearance of my Car with personal effects,he will be mailing out payment in United states Certified Money orders on his business trip abroad(US ) to hold the room for me before my arrival. Kindly advise me of your full name, contact address with zip-code and telephone so that I can forward to him to issue payment to you ASAP.Please feel free to ask any questions as I’m happy to move in and more so I’ll like to meet you both in person also the ad posted for the rental should be removed to confirm your motive of renting to me. Looking forward to your contact information for payment. Sincerely, Brenda.

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