Hello, I received your initial email stating that your couch is still available for sale. I would like to know the lowest price you would go for it. I would have been happy to travel down for the payment and pick-up myself, but I just relocated due to an urgent project. However, my daughter can easily send a Money Order to you on my behalf and you will receive payment within 3 business days. She has also made arrangements with a truck driver who will come for the pick up of the couch at your address or any public address of your choice. I’ll appreciate it if you consider it sold to us via this means. We will only come for pick up after you have received the Money Order and they have been duly processed at your Bank. I would like to know how your name should appear on the Money Order and what valid residential or office address should we mail it to. We are ready to make payment as soon as we get your mailing details. Thanks for selling it to us via this medium. Mr David

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