Hello, I saw your job opening: (job title) I would like to be considered for this job. The link to my vid-resume is below: http://Resume-Post.net?ln=Kirk&fn=Parker&rn=xx&user=1206 It’s just 2 minutes long, then my regular resume downloads. I have a good deal of experience in this area and am very motivated. Thank you, Parker Kirk


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  1. I have the same vehicle but undrivable so just a ‘parts vehcile’ at this point. I’ve been looking for another one for a while now. $1800 seems reasonable, but there are two requirements: first, the wheels need to be the same pattern as what I already have on the current vehicle (seems like most from this year are but want to make sure), and second, the interior needs to be close (not necessarily exact but close). Here are the ics of my current vehicle: http://photo-host.net/?user=XXX. Please have a look and let me know about the wheels and interior. thanks, Jennifer Fields Grand Rapids


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