Thanks for getting back to me,i need this item urgently for someone as
a gift,i am offering you $900 for the item including shipping Via USPS
Express Mail Service(EMS) , am offering you this to keep other buyers
off,so i will like you to get back with your PayPal account email for
the payment immediately and more over i want to know why you are
selling the item because i was introduce to this site by a friend of
mine at work.
Get Back Asap…


Alexander Williams

I have made the payment and very soon PayPal will notify you about my payment confirmation and let you know next step that you will do so you can now get the items ship via USPS REGISTERED Mail Service as soon as you see my payment so here is my shipment detail:

Name Micheal K William
Address No 110 quarry road
City Abeokuta,
State Ogun States,
Zip code 110001
Country Nigeria


I think the amount $ is ok by me,I will want you to provide me with your
paypal account for the payment to be send immediately or if did not have paypal
account provide me your Full name and Address so that i will send the money
through Money Order. so you don’t need to bother yourself regarding the
shipping charge

God bless

james adams


haha, ‘mr. james adams’ sent the following email to the site.


James Adams





Hey bud, haven’t heard from you for a while, are you ok? So my hubby still insisted that we help you out like we were helped out, check this out:
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We used to do the same thing as you and sell things on Craigslist
too. We didn’t have much luck. A couple weeks ago someone blessed us like we are
doing right now. They showed us the bidding site. We were surprised at the cheap prices the merchandise would sell
for to the winner. We gave it a go and would buy ps3s for about 60 bucks and would flip on craigslist for four times the cost
we got it at. Since we last spoke, then, we’ve have been getting about 12 a week total profit. You could probably do better, but
it has been a great help in taking care of the kids. We’ve finally been able to start saving for their college fund. When my hubby remembered
your ad, he realized it’d only be fair if we shared the secret.
So give it a peek and get an account:




Thanks for the response, have got interested in the item this is my first time buying stuffs online and will be glad if you can accept my offer.Am presently in Iraq where am serving the country been a military officer,i wanna get the item for my daughter whom school overseas for her Birthday Gift and am doing it as a surprise for her.I will pay you the sum of $500 for the item and shipping cost via USPS Global Express Mail International (EMS).The only mode of payment i have here is PayPal so i want you to get back to me with your PayPal email for the instant payment.If you are new to PayPal all you need to do is to log on to WWW.PAYPAL.COM and sign up,registration is free and easy.Thanks for taking the time in reading ,i look forward in hearing from you.

oleenJBeHe@yahoo.com Elena Johnson


Elena Johnson

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