Thanks I’m just asking about it to make sure its in good condition as im buying it for my Family as a surprise gift and he doesn’t know about it, so can you assure me i will not be disappointed? also no shipment involved as i have a mover that will come for it. Im okay with the price and condition , I can only pay you via one of the fastest and secure way to pay online (PayPal).. Do you have a PayPal account? Let me know asap so i can arrange the payment through PayPal. my shipper will be coming to pick it up as soon as the payment clears into your account . So if you’re ready to move forward, just fill out the info below so I can work everything out! PayPal Email: Full Name: Firm Price: Zip Code: Cell Phone Number Thanks so much!

Hello, Thanks for the details. I’m buying this for my son. Your asking price is quite reasonable and affordable considering others I’ve seen lately,I’ll take it. I’ll proceed with the payment and I believe it is in good condition as stated. I really want this as a surprise gift for my son so I won’t let him know anything about this until it get delivered to him. I’ll be paying you by Certified Bank Check which is attached to my bank and its safe and very secure way to make payment. If my mode of payment is accepted just send me the following details for the payment: Name to be on the Check_____________ Home or office address(No P.O.BOX)___ City__State__Zip Code_______________ Phone Numbers_____________________ Final Price___________________ The payment will be delivered to you by USPS and I will send my shipper to pick it up from you once the check has been cashed. I will add extra $50 to your asking price as I want you to delete the ad immediately and hold it for me. Hope to hear from you with the details to speed up this process. All the best to you,

Hello, Thanks for getting back to me I will like to purchase this item but the only way i can pay you is through a Bank Certified Check which i will mail to you using UPS overnight delivery To make sure that everything goes smoothly i would wait for the it to clear before the pickup is done, I will be responsible for the pickup and it will be done by the movers and their payment will be included in the check i mail to you and this is all due to my disability (am deaf) and it makes it hard for me deal with this and it makes the transaction better and quicker. I know you were not expecting this and I would have loved to come for the viewing but i cant I really want it and am offering an extra $50 for you to delete the posting to show i want it as i am just settling into my new house i want good deals to furnish the apartment i stay in. if you are okay with this please send me extra pictures and get back to me with the following Your Full name Your Physical address (as UPS does not deliver to P.o.boxes) I await your response . thank you and stay blessed

Thanks for emailing me, I am looking to rent soon and i think its fair to let you know about me. My name’s Mimi Williams, 27 y/o single female, self sufficient, easygoing and fun to be around. I do not smoke, drink nor do drugs. I clean up after myself as well as my environment, I am respectful of other people’s privacy and opinions. I am pet friendly but do not own any. I’m from Pierre, S.Dakota and still here, the reason behind my move, is simply because of change. And this is about time as i just lost my mother to cancer (I have been putting off my move just because she’s been sick for long). I have been wanting to try a new place, have new experience, and most importantly achieve my goals. I am a travel Nurse by profession, but teaching yoga is what i love doing, I have broad knowledge of yoga/wellness as i had the opportunity to learn that in India 3 years ago and i have been teaching people here too. I am a christian, Yoga to me is about the purity of the body and mind/improving health and I will never bring it home if you object to it. About rent, I have money saved up, so you wouldn’t have to worry about me paying rent/bills on time till i get settled. I plan making my own yoga video and I also will be looking to rent a space in the area(or maybe gym) when i move, as i planned giving yoga classes to people there when i move. I am financially reliable and it has been a plus making money from teaching yoga as a lot of people look after themselves now in an easy way. I will like to find a place before i start looking around for something physical/permanent at hospitals there too. I choose to tell you all about me as i need no drama, so please email me back if you are looking to rent ASAP and let me know if i am someone you’d like to rent to. I will provide my number, pics and other informations as long as i am sure that you’d be renting to me in next emails. Thanks for your time and i await your next email. Mimi