I really had planed on meeting up with you this morning before getting to work, it would be easier for me if you can email me your phone number as i usually check email every Minute so can give you a call when i get off work this evening.

Hey, Im interested, Is there a good time to view the item and pick it up and pay you cash ?I can meet anytime, around 11:30 tomorrow. Let me know for sure if you are coming and what you drive so I know what to look for , you can email me here @

Hello, With all this snow and bad welther, Tomorrow Thursday throught saturday will be fine for me to come and check it out,.i will like to see it first before payment,.Would that work for you? email me at and let me know ASAP,Sorry i didnt message you bsck in time i was shoveling snow all […]

Scammer trying to sell a high dollar bicycle they do not own using stolen photos in their ad Hi, Thanks for being interested in buying my 2011 Ibis Mojo HD 140 160 bike . You will find more pictures in the attachment . I will start my email by telling you that I’m currently out […]

This text came in from, but message directed to email to another: Message: “(Your posted on CL !!) Hello,i saw the jewelry U display on Cl is it still available?reply to”

from, but said to contact a different gmail address. Exact text was this—including typos, spacing and punctuation: (jewerly posted on CL !!) Hi there,ur jewerly on cl still available for sale? pls let me knw the lowest price? reply to