I just viewed your advert posted. I will be glad to meet you today to look at it between 11:30-7:30pm. I work nights at my shift starts at 7:30 pm. Sunday is my off day and I can come around then check it out on Saturday anytime after11:30am, i have to pick somebody up from the airport at 9:45am. Could you possibly show it to me tomorrow? Let me know what time i can come to take a look it, i want to be sure if it’s still in great condition before i purchase it and i’m ready to pay in cash…You can email me here @ . Let me know. Thanks!

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Can you let me know your schedule for this saturday? I am available today & tomorrow after closing time which is 6pm. Will that work for you? I work until 6pm so it would have to be around 6:30pm today or anytime from 4pm Saturday as I close early, Is that ok? Where do you want us to meet to see the item and pay you in person with cash then pick it up immediately?. Let me know asap and you reach me back @ or send me your number to call you Thanks!

How much. I will be at Work from 9:15 until 5:45 but will be available the rest of the day. My contact address is ……… I just saw your Craigs post today on the 23rd and I see you wanted us to see them later today or tomorrow noon. Please let me …….. a better date and time and we can schedule something out and where to meet. Sent via the Samsung Galaxy Alpha™, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone