Hello, I got your response. Well, I have read through your ad and from what I have seen,it is priced favorably compared to others so I want you to consider it sold to me because I am ready to buy it for the asking price.I am Tech Sgt Lisa Clapton currently on duty serving the country. Presently I am out of town on duty in a remote area . We have a bad and fluctuating network here otherwise I would have called you and seal the deal on phone. At the moment, email and text messages works best for me. Nevertheless,I am ready to seal the deal right away and pay you via my PayPal account that is attached to my bank account as it is the only secure form of payment that I have access to right now. So,kindly get back to me with your FULL NAME,PAYPAL EMAIL ADDRESS,PHONE NUMBER so that I can initiate the payment immediately.If you don’t have a paypal account, it is absolutely free to set one up, kindly visit A shipper will be hired that will come for the pick up upon the completion of the payment aspect of the transaction.Let me have the requested details to proceed with the payment if we have a deal.  TY Sincerely,

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  1. got the same via sms on my mobile : lucky for me, I googled the email@ before any move.

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    FRM:Editha4ca8 james
    MSG:Good day seller, is ur Vehicle on still avail? if so let me knw
    the lowest price imidiately u get dis
    (Con’t) 2 of 2
    msg.Please strictly reply to for further correspondence. tnx(End)

  2. I got the same txt. I did not respond because thought it may have been a scam. When I read the other posts my first thought ” PayPal is only secure through EBay!”

  3. Thanks for these posts. My listing was actually on and here’s the text I just received:

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    FRM:Christina41ep edward
    MSG:Hello seller, i want to knw maybe the Vehicle u put on still avail
    for sale? if it is still
    (Con’t) 2 of 3
    there, kindly let me knw with the lowest price u
    want to sell it.Pls strictly reply to for further
    contact. TNK
    (Con’t) 3 of 3

    1. Got the same thing from I did email back and got the email listed above, word for word. Glad i checked here. Also pinged paypal…

  4. well..I got it too. After a correspondence with them I got curious and googled them. Yep, same message exactly. Started out from lizzylaw124@gmail but the text body and email was exactly the same.

  5. Got the same text message and I emailed back before I thought things were fishy…then the same email came – so glad I checked it out. Thanks everyone for posting here so I didn’t make a big mistake!

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