8 thoughts on “Imillion Technology Co.,Ltd

  1. today I received the smart card, but arrived only 10pcs instead of 300 and without logo – as I had requested and paid for in advance.
    My contact was BEETLYLEE who no longer respond to my mail. I sdi be given cheated.
    Rita Bordoni

  2. Hello,

    I’ve bought toothbrush cup holder from:
    Imillion Technology Co.,Ltd
    Add: 6 th Floor A Building of BaohuaDaSha,huaqiangbei Futian District Shenzhen Gunagdong Province China 518028
    Skype :tatasong2000

    I’ve received nothing and they dont reply my emails… What could I do?

    Any help will be great .. Thanks


      1. did you first contact them using alibaba?
        if so, you can file a complaint with alibaba.

        if not i don’t know what you can do.

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